TY2015: My Week in UCC

Rebecca Moriarty, Mount Mercy College


I found my week in the BEES programme in UCC very enjoyable and a great experience. I learned a lot about the different courses in the programme and I now have a greater idea of what I like and what I dislike.

I found the marine biology lecture and the zoology lecture very interesting as I am hoping to work with animals in the future. These lectures gave me a greater idea of what I would like to do in college and an insight into what kind of work would be available for me if I did these courses. I would also like to travel during or after my degree and after the lecture in marine biology I now know what the best places to visit are and what kind of work I can expect to get.

Although I was not as interested in plant biology as I was with marine biology or zoology, after the lecture I realised that it was more interesting and complex than I thought it would be. It made me realise that there is more to the subject than I had previously thought.

I also really enjoyed bird ringing as it was something I’ve never experienced before and I found it really enjoyable. Birds we caught included a blue tit,a grey tit and a robin. I got to hold them which was very interesting.

Overall I really enjoyed my week as I now have a better understanding of the university in general and of the courses I have a particular interest in. I also made many new friends who I will really miss but who I hope to see back here in a few years as students!



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