TY2015: The life of a Bees for a week

Cathal de Faoite, Rockwell College


I am one of the students from the transition year course who attended bees Mon- Fri early February. This was an interesting an exciting course that I enjoyed because of brilliant practicals and interesting lectures also the break off school for a week. This week also included a UCC library tour and a campus tour late on Wednesday. A practical that I enjoyed was the bird ring as well as the ecology practical.

In the bird ringing we explored the true nature of bird watchers and how they identify bird by catching them and ringing them. In the ecology practical we looked at the insides of pitfall traps as we looked at the surrounding habitat. I also found interesting the many lectures that were given to us throughout the week and how a course in BEES have many opportunities whether abroad or as a post grad also there are many trips as a BEES student with many field work opportunities exploring the local landscape of cork and Ireland.

I learned many things weather from Geology, Zoology etc. In plant science I learn that the rice crop has more genes than humans with 50000 or in a conservation island out near Antarctica they obliterated the pest species of rabbits rats as they were out of control a deeply harming the surrounding habitat. Though I do have to say that the most important part of the day was lunch.

I came into BEES wanted to get a better taste for biology and other fields associated it. I sure did have a wonderful experience here and it made me think about doing a course here in the near future. Finally I learned college life here in UCC with a Q and A with some students studying here, it seems fun to be a college student as well as all the many services and facilities in UCC. I will come out a renewed on my perception of biology and the field of science.


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