TY2015: Work expbeerience

Lainey Sands, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál, Blarney.


For my work experience I went to the school of BEES as I am interested in marine biology and saw that the course covered it. The course lasted 5 days. Everybody in this part of UCC were really friendly and helpful. My favourite day was the first day where we did geology. This was really interesting as we learnt about all the different rocks and what they can be used for, this was very fascinating as some of the rocks were millions of years old. We also learnt about volcanos and how rocks are formed. I learnt that some rocks can be used to make batteries for our phones which was really interesting. After this we learnt about invasive plants which was also really interesting.

In our course there was about 35 people. I made loads of friends which was really fun. We also got an hour for lunch time when we all went for lunch together. In the school of bees there was a café where we stayed in the morning while we waited for the course to start.

My favourite activity overall was mammal ID where we identified animals by their hair and we also learnt really interesting things about hair which I had no notion of. Another fun part of the week was the campus tour. In this tour we got to see the library where all the students congregate every day. We got to see the library’s facilities. We also got told the story of UCC which was very entertaining. My least favourite bit of the week was the postgrad research where we had to do a practical I didn’t like this as it involved catching and releasing mice and I hate mice. Other than that the week was great we were always doing group work which was fun as I got to meet a lot of new people.

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