Certificate and Diploma in Field Ecology

1The Field Ecology Diploma students recently completed their second and final 2-week intensive summer field school. The students got out into the field each day of the course and learned about many different types of habitats and survey methods.

They surveyed for bats and caught small mammals. They enhanced their vegetation and habitat identification skills in semi-rural grasslands and coastal dune systems and learned about soil sampling techniques. Students learned about the techniques and rationale behind habitat restoration work and learn how to decipher the quality of lakes and river systems based on invertebrate life.

The students on the course were in their second year of the programme and are working towards gaining their Diploma. Students who choose to exit the programme after one year can gain a Certificate. Both are NFQ Level 7 qualifications.


One student said of the week “the bat survey was excellent and was my favourite part – it was great to learn about the different sounds they make and how to identify them with a bat detector”. The final project for the summer school was a full site survey where the students worked in groups to produce a full habitat map and ecological assessment of a site.

A student said, “It’s great that as we come to the end of the course we can see how the lectures and practicals come together and give us the confidence to survey sites in our groups.”

One of the project groups even found and identified a muskrat – an invasive mammal species that had not yet been to occur in Cork City surroundings.

Video of Muskrat by one of our students in Cork recently cc @eagoldst @johbees @NatureRTE @fotawildlife https://t.co/Us3RsW0Vue

— School of BEES, UCC (@uccBEES) July 28, 2015

Please note, the Certificate and Diploma in Field Ecology is no longer being offered by School of BEES. For information on courses currently available see: http://www.ucc.ie/en/bees/courses/ 


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