birdring2WEBAndrea McSweeney St.Angela College Cork

I found this week very interesting, personally I didn’t know much about BEES or see myself in a BEES course in the future but this week showed me what one would be like. I really enjoyed the different lectures as I learned a lot about the different degrees. It was a very good way of getting young people to consider bees as a college course as now we have an insight into what it would be like and it’s at a time where we must consider our career options.

Personally I really enjoyed the Careers talk as that’s where I felt I learned the most about each particular degree and the requirements of each course. It was a very sociable week and I not only learned from the lecturers I also learned from other transition year students. We got a very good insight into college life here at UCC as we got campus tours and talks with current Bees students.

This week was very interactive as we got to work up close with the birds while doing the bird ringing. I liked the fact that we were shown what a life studying birds was like as a job. I was unaware of the places one could travel to with a job like that and how many people one would meet.

After finishing my week of BEES I don’t know if I have yet found the college course for me but it definitely showed me a whole different aspect of courses and I side to it     I wouldn’t even of considered before.


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