TY2016: A Scientific Week at BEES

By Ciara Stack, Carrigaline Community School

92TankIt was an experience that I’ll never forget! From the tour of the Cooperage Building to the handling of birds my week in this institute has been one that’ll go down in history for me.

Being very interested in science I was expecting to be at least somewhat interested in this course but I never thought I’d leave with such a good introduction on not only the courses but the entire UCC complex.

Our week began with our introduction to the complex via quick tour from Professor Andy Wheeler, who not only showed us around but gave us some insight into the fascinating cold reef corals. We also had Simona showing us around and helping us if we ever got lost.

We then proceed with the week going from learning about sea urchins (This was the intro course to Zoology) to learning about rocks and their hidden values. I found everything interesting and held a firm grasp on my attention, no matter what we were doing.

There was also the social aspect of this week which was fun for everyone. I got to meet people from all over the place and learned about how their schools function. I’ll finish by saying this: if you have any interest in science (especially anything on the BEES course) I would highly recommend looking into this course.

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