TY2016: A week at UCC School of BEES from a TY perspective

labWEBCora Twomey, Davis College.

This week I attended a week work experience programme for TY’s at UCC’s School of BEES. In my opinion it was a great opportunity not just being college and main campus and attending lectures, but by getting to see what it would be like for me in the future when I hopefully get to go to university and college.

Firstly I applied to go to the work experience programme by filling out entry forms as there was only limited places on the course, then when I had heard that I got accepted onto the week work experience I was delighted and couldn’t wait to go.

During the week at the School of BEES, we got to do a whole lot of different things that were all new experiences which I liked very much. We also got an insight into what attending the university would be like and if we did do a course there we would be told what would we be studying and doing during the course, and what our future job aspects could be.

We attended lectures and carried out practical work on each aspect in the School of BEES, like environmental science, ecology and environmental biology, zoology, earth science, geography and the study of birds, and marine biology. We also got to meet and talk with postgrads and current students and got to ask them about any questions we had or about anything we wanted to know about UCC and university in general.

Some of the practical work that we carried out included an aquatic ecology practical in which we observed and identified insects in both clean and polluted river water samples. Also we did a practical on identifying mammals by their hair and got look at samples under the microscope. We got to do an experiment with sea urchins and the way they hide and protect themselves by covering and hiding themselves under seaweed. Firstly we had 18 tanks with one sea urchin in each and a square of seaweed and a square of carpet. We then covered 9 tanks with a black plastic bag and left them for a period of time, we then came back and removed the bag and noted the changes in the covered and uncovered urchins. We also got to ring birds and hold them and do cool tricks with them which was also very entertaining and interesting.

The practical work was my favourite and the highlight of the week. I also really enjoyed the tours of the campus and School of BEES and the main library tour on campus which was very interesting and we also got to see books that aged back as far as the 12th century. We also got a tour of the ERI building which was interesting too. The tours was also a good point of the week.

Overall my favourite part of the TY work experience programme was carrying out practical work and attending tours of different parts of UCC. Also I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at the School of BEES UCC as we were made feel at home from word go in the School of BEES, and made new friends during the week.

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