CoCoHaCa Cruise Blog Day 2


Finn Ni Fhaolain

After waking up for the 4am shift it was so exciting to see the first video recordings from the ROV. There was successful coring through the night and everyone was pleased to see that the brand new vibrocorer on the ROV worked well. The scientists have been trying to core this site for 3 years so this is new vibrocorer is a great success. The video allowed use to see all of the coring efforts as well as the coral habitats – some coral rubble, reef and cliff face. It was really exciting to see the different species on the reef – several different species of corals, crabs, urchins and even a deep sea shark!

Now its on to more coring, more video and a bit of CTD. On a foodie note we were all raving today about the amazing Thai green curry that the guys whipped up in the kitchen. As a dessert fiend I also went a bit mad for the rice pudding. Stomachs are full and spirits are high going into the evening shift.

Across the evening we cored the summits of two different mounds with successful cores from both areas. There was also a great array of wildlife with the different watches observing corals, urchins, crabs, tube worms, cushion starfish, lantern fish, ling, eels (potentially juvenile congers) and sharks. With the coring completed we are sailing off into the sunrise to our next location to start our video transects in earnest.

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