Call for Papers: Complementing IHL

The Minerva Centre for Human Rights (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and the ICRC (Tel Aviv delegation) have just issued a call for papers for a conference to be held in June 2008, entitled “Complementing IHL: Exploring the Need for Additional Norms to Govern Contemporary Conflict Situations”. The call describes the purpose of the conference thus:

The conference aims to critically examine the adaptability of IHL to what might be regarded as new conflict situations and to try to identify potential areas of under-regulation – conflict situations that may be inadequately regulated by IHL. The conference will then explore the potential of developing or reinterpreting IHL or locating non-IHL normative sources, which may apply to those potential areas of under-regulation or inspire the creation of new bodies of law. Such alternative sources may include or relate to human rights law (perhaps subject to more flexible conditions for application), but they might also include the laws of state responsibility and general principles of law, such as the principle of good neighbourliness and the prohibition against abuse of right. Other legal regimes governing activities with cross-border effects, such as international environmental law and international economic law, may serve as a source of inspiration for developing such general principles. The conference seeks to study the potential for developing or reinterpreting IHL, as well as other legal regimes that could possibly complement IHL and apply to new conflict situations, in ways that are conducive to the attainment of IHL’s overriding goals: the mitigation of harm and suffering and the promotion of humanitarian interests, even in times of conflict.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 1 December 2007 and people will be notified by 1 January 2008. The email address is mchr[at]