The House of Lords is Blogging

Via Damien Mulley comes news that the House of Lords has launched a blog, entitled Lords of the Blog, where Peers are discussing everything from Arsenal football club and the political benefits of liking football, to the relative merits of holding referenda. (The blog also received coverage in The Guardian)

The list of blogging peers does not include any judicial members (and for obvious reasons, it seems, will not in the future) but nevertheless is an interesting venture. It will be particularly fascinating to see whether the peers begin to discuss legislative controversies on the blog – especially since comments are open and there is already a tendance towards lively discussion on some issues.

The blog itself states that “The aim of the blog is to help educate, raise awareness and engage with the public on a range of issues relating to the role and business of the House of Lords” and makes it clear that this is, in essence, an experiment. The Hansard Society, we are told, will evaluate the blog in time including its scope and reach, in order evaluate whether it is a valuable exercise.

While we have some blogging politicians in Ireland (most notably Ciaran Cuffe TD) it seems that we are quite some distance from a move as technologically progressive as this. However the birth of Lords of the Blog does appear to be an interesting way to make the public more involved in parliamentary discussion/communicate the views of the public to the upper parliamentary house whose members would not normally have a constituency role comparable to that of members of the lower house. It’s certainly a development worth keeping an eye on.