2008 Publications from CCJHR members

2008 saw a number of publications in criminal justice/human rights and other areas of law from staff and research student members of the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights:

Olufemi Amao:
“Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Contract, Corporate Personhood and Human Rights Law: Understanding the Emerging Responsibilities of Modern Corporations” (2008) 33 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 100-133.

“The African Regional Human Rights System and Multinational Corporations: Strengthening Host State Responsibility for the Control of Multinational Corporations” (2008) 12 (5) International Journal of Human Rights 759-786 (Online)

“Mandating Corporate Social Responsibility: Emerging Trends in Nigeria” (2008) 6 (1) Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education 75-95 (Online)

Dr Mary Donnelly:
Community-based Care and Compulsion: What Role for Human Rights? (2008) 15 Journal of Law and Medicine 782-793

The Right of Autonomy in Irish Law (2008) 14 (2) Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland 34-40

Ph.D Candidate Mairead Enright:

“Whither White Western Values? Comparative Perspectives on Culturally Motivated Decision-making for the Child” (2007) 7(1) HLJ 1 (available on Westlaw IE)

“Interrogating the Natural Order: Hierarchies of Rights in Irish Child Law” (2008) 11(1) IJFL 3 (available on Westlaw IE)

Dr Ursula Kilkelly:
European Convention on Human Rights in Irish Law (Jordan; 2008)

With Claire Hamilton, “Human Rights in Irish Prisons”, (2008:2) Judicial Studies Institute Journal 58 (online)

Ph.D candidate Susan Leahy:
“Hard Cases and Bad Law – An Overview of the Criminal law (Sexual Offences) Act 2006”, (2008) 26 Irish Law Times, 38

““In a Woman’s Voice” – A Feminist Analysis of Irish Rape Law”, (2008) 26 Irish Law Times, 203

“Review of J. Temkin and B. Krahé, Sexual Assault and the Justice Gap: A Question of Attitude’, (2008) 5 Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (Online)

Professor Maeve McDonagh
With White, F. ‘eGovernment in Ireland: An evaluation’ (2008) 56(1) Administration 19 – 56.

Dr. Siobhán Mullally:
Editor Irish Yearbook of International Law Vols 1, 2 – (Hart: Oxford, 2007; 2008 -) with Allain J.

“Multiculturalism and Human Rights” in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 60 (Chile; Centre for Human Rights, University of Santiago) (2008)

“Universalism”, “Cultural Relativism”, “Polyethnic Rights”, “Right of Exit”, “Multicultural Citizenship”, in New Oxford Companion to Law (Oxford; OUP, 2008); (Guest editor, Multiculturalism and Legal Pluralism)

“Migrant Women Destabilising Borders: Citizenship Debates in Ireland” in Cooper D, Grabham E, Krishnadas J and Herman D (eds). Intersectionality and Beyond: Law, Power and the Politics of Location (London: Routledge; 2008)

“Article 8, Best Interests of the Child and Immigration Law”, in Kilkelly U (ed) European Convention on Human Rights in Irish Law (Jordan; 2008)

Dr Conor O’Mahony:
“Special Educational Needs: Balancing the Interests of Children and Parents in the Statementing Process” (2008) 20 Child and Family Law Quarterly 199
“Constitutionalism and Legislation in Special Educational Needs Law: An Anglo-Irish Perspective” [2008] Public Law 125 (available on Westlaw UK)

Ph.D Candidate Andre Ventura:
Montenegro, Chiado Editora, Lisbon, March 2008 (2nd Ed)

“The Portuguese Constitutional Court: history, memory and judicial activity” (Portuguese) in Annual Book of Portuguese Constitutional Law, Vol. IV, Coimbra Editora, (2008)

“Juridical analysis of the Sentence C – 376/03 of the European Court of Justice (5th of July 2005) – the coherency and systematisation of the European Tax Law” (portuguese) in Revista do Centro de Pesquisas e Estudos Jurídicos de Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil), (2008) (online)