Research Seminar – Professor Ngaire Naffine

The Duck/Rabbit and the Common Measure: The Canonical Debate about Abortion and Euthanasia Reconsidered

Professor Ngaire Naffine, University of Adelaide

Wednesday August 31st, 1-2pm

Faculty of Law – Aras na Laoi 1.64 (1st floor)

Ngaire Naffine is a Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide. She has published in the areas of criminology, criminal law, jurisprudence, feminist legal theory and medical law.  Her most recent work explores the influence of philosophy, religion and evolutionary biology on law and the legal person. She is a member of an interdisciplinary research team studying the law and ethics of consent to embryo and organ donation. She has been a Visiting International Scholar at the Hastings Bioethics Center in Garrison New York; a Visiting Scholar in the Faculty of Law, Birkbeck College, University of London, and the European University Institute in Florence Italy; and Baker-Hostetler Professor of Law at Cleveland- Marshall College of Law, Cleveland.  Professor Naffine is a Member of the College of Experts, Humanities and Creative Arts Panel, ARC and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia.  Publications include: Law’s Meaning of Life: Philosophy, Religion, Darwin and the Legal Person, Hart Publishing, Oxford, Jan 2009; Gender and Justice (editor), Ashgate , Aldershot, England 2002 pp 482; Are Persons Property? Legal Debates about Property and Personality (with M Davies) Ashgate , Aldershot, England, 2001 pp 209; Intention in Law and Philosophy (co-editor with Rosemary Owens and John Williams), Ashgate, Aldershot, England, 2001 pp 377; Feminism and Criminology, Polity Press, Cambridge, 1997; Sexing the Subject of Law (co editor with Rosemary J Owens) 1997.

New Issue of the IJLS online

The Irish Journal of Legal Studies (IJLS) run by staff in UCC Law Faculty has a new issue on-line.

Volume 2, Issue 1 is a special edition on the Presumption of Innocence, which arises out of a seminar on that topic held at Dublin Institute of Technology at the end of 2010. The Forward to the issue was written by Mr Justice Hardiman who comments that “All in all, these papers represent a refreshing, sometimes challenging, attempt to analyse the position of the presumption of innocence in our law and the effect which it is permitted to have in practice.”

The issue contains four articles on the topic of the presumption of innocence:

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