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#ColourOurCollections: Images from the Elizabeth Friedlander Collection

“Following on from John’s post yesterday, I am going to discuss a page I selected from the Elizabeth Friedlander Collection for use in our #ColourOurCollections colouring book.” When it came choosing an image for the #ColourOurCollections event, the Friedlander Collection left me spoilt for … Continue reading

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Portal to the Past- Discover what you’ll find in the Archive

In a follow up to Elaine Harrington’s previous post, I will be examining in more detail, the first of the images from the archival collections, outlining why we chose them to be displayed on the wall. Firstly, the criteria underlying … Continue reading

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Cork Motor Derby 1938

As many archivists will tell you, there is nothing like the feeling of discovering a new item or collection in the archive that really excites you. My latest such example of this professional rush came when I was formally accepting … Continue reading

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